June 10, 2011

Programming Anti-patterns in Perl

I will spare you with another round of the first half of this post and jump straight to the table of anti-patterns and alternatives in Perl. Check out alternatives.pl for detailed examples. These barely scratch the surface for a rich language like Perl, whose motto itself is TMTOWTDI. My Perl knowledge is still amateurish and these concentrate almost exclusively on the "Accessing memory << Calling a function << Forking a process" guideline. This might be useful for anybody switching from Shell to Perl. So I hope you'll have a lot more to contribute.

30th June, 2011: TimeRatio is the ratio of time taken by Alternative to that by Anti-pattern, as taken from two different trials, using Perl 5.8 on Solaris 10 (Sun T5120). I hope these time ratios will highlight better why especially some of the anti-patterns are to be avoided. My suggestion is to not take these numbers on face value.

awkopen, split, close0.780.79
catopen, close28.4828.72
cpuse File::Copy "cp"1.851.87
chmodchmod (Perl)335.75343.30
finduse File::Find0.550.55
grepopen, grep (Perl), close2.562.57
headopen, break, close42.1242.60
hostnameuse Sys::Hostname10361.9410451.25
killkill (Perl)55.0450.84
ln -ssymlink1010.70995.73
lsopendir, closedir32.8724.17
mkdirmkdir (Perl)13.2112.93
mkdir -puse File::Path9.859.87
mvuse File::Copy "move"32.5332.65
pinguse Net::Ping1.040.65
ps -elfuse Proc::ProcessTable3.843.84
rmdirrmdir (Perl)20.1319.88
rm -ruse File::Path9.009.02
sedopen, s/find/replace/, close25.5425.76
sleepsleep (Perl)2825.822824.30
sortopen, sort (Perl), close4.314.18
tailopen, close2.712.69
touchopen, close65.4165.41
umaskumask (Perl)7749.437742.40
unameuse Config13662.5613652.62
uniqopen, unless seen, close2.332.35
wc -lopen, close6.796.82

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